Hellooo my dawlings, I'm Nikki. 18. Atlanta. Jackass and heavy metal and pop culture. MCR ruined my life.

“I fear being like everyone I hate, I fear failure, I fear losing control. I love balancing between chaos and control with everything I do. I always have a fear of going one way or another, getting lost in something, or losing everything to get lost in. And I fear being a completely acceptable sheep in society.” -Marilyn Manson

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"I want to put my lips on your old cigarette in the ashtray.

Maybe it’ll feel like kissing you again.”

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I had such an amazing summer with my boyfriend like I absolutely hate that I’m back home. I had a cuddle buddy every night for 2 whole months and now I’m back alone in my bed. Long distance relationships are a bitch.


thanks pete.


thanks pete.

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Max Green and I at Warped Tour Atlanta yesterday :)

Max Green and I at Warped Tour Atlanta yesterday :)

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who wants to move to new york with me

we can get a tiny shoe box apartment that’s too expensive

explore the city daily

become regulars at some coffee shop 

have sleepovers in the living room

marathon our favorite movies and tv shows

sit together while we blog

always order in because we’re too lazy to cook

play board games

and idk maybe we could get a cat or dog

If I could describe my life goals in one post this would be it

iamyourdove let’s do it.

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